The harvest usually begins in the first fortnight of October; our cooperative has encouraged its members to harvest early in order to aim for a high quality product. The olives are harvested by hand or by mechanical aid.


The olives are delivered by local growers to our oil mill. From there, the Frantoio dei Cinque Colli is responsible for processing them and delivering the processed product in the form of extra virgin olive oil. 


The olives are processed within 8 hours of delivery. The process starts with the defoliation of the product and subsequent washing in clean running water. The olives are then sent to the crusher which chops them and makes a homogeneous paste; this paste is then kneaded in closed stainless steel tanks and brought to a maximum temperature of 27° to guarantee “cold extraction”. 

The next stage is extraction with a decanter that exploits the difference in specific weight of the various components (kernel, pulp, water) to separate them in a natural way, obtaining oil and pomace with water. 

The oil obtained is passed through a separator which, thanks to centrifugal force, removes any water particles and other residues. The extra virgin olive oil thus obtained is partly collected by the producers and partly delivered to the cooperative, which stores it in temperature-controlled stainless steel containers for subsequent packaging and sale.


Olive oil should be stored in stainless steel containers, dark glass bottles or tins, away from light and heat sources. If the container is intact and well sealed, the olive oil will keep for about 18 months.

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Buy our IGP certified Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the harvest in the Valdichiana area around Arezzo and Siena.
Within our structure the product is certified and bottled according to the hygiene and safety regulations in force.