Frantoio dei Cinque Colli in Lucignano, Arezzo, was founded in 1976 from an idea of local producers who needed a structure and machinery able to transform their olives and guarantee a quality product. Today it has more than a thousand members located in the Valdichiana who have olive groves in the municipalities of Lucignano, Foiano della Chiana, Monte San Savino and Marciano della Chiana.

After years of experience, Frantoio dei Cinque Colli has adopted the cold extraction technique, in order to leave the physical and chemical characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil unchanged.

The extra virgin olive oil of the Frantoio Cinque Colli is produced by cold milling the harvests from the surrounding areas, which are famous for the care and correct processing by the members of the cooperative.

Our oil mill is the harvesting centre for the olives produced in Lucignano, Civitella, Monte san savino, Marciano della Chiana and Foiano.

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By becoming a member of the cooperative you will contribute to the production of the finest extra virgin olive oil in the Valdichiana.

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Frantoio dei Cinque Colli only collects oil from members who are regularly registered with the Consorzio dell’Olio Toscano IGP and have an acidity level of less than 0.30%.

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Buy our PGI-certified Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the harvest in the Valdichiana area around Arezzo and Siena.
Within our structure the product is certified and bottled according to the hygiene and safety regulations in force.